M31 Cinema LUT

instant Hollywood Blockbuster Look
complementary color contrasts
high resolution color-remapping matrix
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Turn your videos into a Hollywood Blockbuster with the click of a button! The Teal and Orange contemporary film look done right!

  The M31 is just one of nine looks from our OSIRIS Cinematic Film Emulations. Get the whole pack and save big! 


VisionColor’s M31 Cinema LUT transforms your images color space to a highly stylized and contemporary blockbuster look by introducing complementary color contrasts. Unlike most presets that attempt to create the so-called “Teal and Orange” look the M31 only works with the colors you recorded on set and enhances them based on their intensity. Taking the entire tonal range into account for the transformations the M31 offers flexibility way beyond regular presets.


The key to image stylization while retaining fidelity and a natural response is to protect certain memory colors from being altered. The M31 achieves a highly natural color response for skin tones and other memory colors by the subtlety of it’s adjustments through a high-resolution color-remapping matrix. Saturation is handled non-linearly which prevents individual colors from oversaturating while increasing vibrancy for darker colors.

Compatible with all Rec.709 and LOG cameras

The M31 comes in three main flavors which makes it compatible with pretty much all current generation video and stills cameras!

  • Rec.709 Standard video color space (RedGamma, VisionTech, Standard)
  • LOG flat, logarithmic color space (BMD Film, RedLogFilm, Cinestyle)
  • C-LOG Canon’s pseudo-log color space – somewhere between LOG and Rec.709

“Love the M31 by VisionColor – Such a great timesaver!”

Thorsten Hary  (Star Trek: Into Darkness)

Use the M31 in real time on supported monitors!

Software Requirements

You’ll need one of the following color grading/editing applications to work with the M31 3D LUT:

  • DaVinci Resolve (Full & Lite)
  • Adobe Speedgrade
  • Adobe Premiere CC
  • Adobe After Effects CS6/CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Avid MC 7
  • Shake
  • Pandora Revolution/Pixi
  •   NEW: Sony Vegas  Pro 13 
  • Nuke
  • Film Master
  • Quantel Pablo
  • BaseLight
  • Motion 5

  The M31 is just one of nine looks from our OSIRIS Cinematic Film Emulations. Get the whole pack and save big! 

Recommended Camera Profiles

Camera Profile Color Space Conversion Osiris LUT
Canon DSLRs VisionTech Default None Rec.709
Blackmagic Camera ProRes Film Default None LOG
Magic Lantern RAW ——— Default VisionLOG LOG
RED Scarlet/Epic RedLogFilm Red Color 3 None LOG
Canon C300/C100 C-LOG Default C-LOG to LOG LOG
Panasonic GH2/3 Natural Flat Default None Rec.709
Arri Alexa Arri Log-C Default None LOG
Nikon DSLRs Flaat 10 Default None Rec.709
GoPro Hero 3 ProTune Flat Default None Rec.709

Frequently Asked Questions

LUTs are conversion matrices of different complexities. They take an input value and generate a new output value.
Not only are LUTs compatible with are large number of applications and hardware devices, they also offer incredible accuracy when emulating film stocks and analog color processes. This degree of accuracy can not be achieved with UI color grading.
Installation instructions, frequently asked questions and more can be found on our dedicated support page: